Allen Tate Wood

Here you will find a resume of activities
I performed while under the aegis of
Sun Myung Moon

The first rule of all Unification Church political activity in the United States has been : Operate through a surrogate. Do nothing to threaten the tax exempt status of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification Of World Christianity.

A cursory examination of my career in the U.C. validates and recapitulates this first principle.

Allen Wood leading U.C. "workshop"
UpperMarlboro Md. Summer 1973

  • 1. President of the Freedom Leadership Foundation (The political arm of the U.C. in the late 60's and throughout the early and middle 70's in the U.S.) Forge alliances with anti-communist groups, the intelligence community, police forces right wing political organizations and leaders , big business and the military as a foundation for influencing national domestic and foreign policy.

  • 2. Co-Chairman of the American Youth for a Just Peace (a partisan political lobby group.) As President of FLF and Co-Chair of AYJP I was invited to join the Nixon White House staff as a youth consultant. I was also given money by Nixon aide Jeb Stuart Magruder. He said," this money comes from friends of the President." I led nation-wide partisan political lobby campaigns targeted at blocking anti-war legislation. These campaigns were staffed and directed and funded by the Unification Church.

  • 3. American youth delegate to the fourth World Anti-Communist League Conference in Kyoto Japan 1970( sponsored by the political arm of the Japanese Unification Church{the International Federation for Victory over Communism}).

  • 4. Speech writer and personal aid to Osami Kuboki (President of the Japanese Unification Church) during the World Anti-Communist League Conference in 1970 in Kyoto Japan

  • 5. Board member of the Youth Committee for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East ( a partisan political lobby group).

  • 6. Anti-Communist lecturer for the first National Unification Church Training program. Political indoctrination of new recruits.

  • 7. One World Crusade Commander for the State of Maryland. Recruiting and fundraising throughout the state.

  • 8. Workshop director and chief lecturer for the Unification Church in Maryland. Indoctrination and training of new recruits.

  • 9. Co-ordinator of the "Lorton Project". One of the U.C.'s first ventures into fraudulent fundraising in the U.S.

  • 10. Center leader for UpperMarlboro branch of the Unification Church.