Moon's Ignorance and Hubris
Continue Unabated

by Allen Tate Wood

The Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification( both Moon front groups) placed a 24 page insert into the December 30th, 2001 Washington Times(a Moon owned newspaper). This gift to the world includes a claim that it contains the actual testimony of 120 deceased religious leaders.

According to the text of the insert all 120 deceased religious leaders have been attending lectures on Mr. Moon’s teaching, “the divine principle” in the spirit world.

As a former leader in the Unification Church and as a former Workshop director and lecturer on the “divine principle” and as a former witnessing captain at the University of Maryland in College Park Maryland and as a Former President of the Freedom Leadership Foundation several questions occurred to me as I was reading the glowing testimonies of the enthusiastic dead religious leaders who to a man (according to the insert) have all pledged their help and support to Mr. Moon in getting the world to acknowledge him as the Messiah.

How was the witnessing done in the spirit world for the lectures?

Were any of the religious leaders who attended the lectures brought there under false pretenses?

What kind of instructions were given and who gave them to those conducting the witnessing and recruiting?

How do “heavenly deception”(lying) and the Esau/Jacob principle lying and stealing) work in the spirit world?

What were the consequences for those recruiters who failed to bring religious leaders to the lectures?

Did any of the religious leaders attending the lectures leave for personal reasons?

If, in fact, some did leave, how was their absence explained to those remaining at the lectures?

During my tenure in the Unification Church I met Mr. Moon on numerous occasions in Korea, in New York at Belvedere, at the National Headquarters in Washington D.C. and at the Upper Marlboro Center in Maryland.

I also spent a great deal of time with Rev. Young Oon Kim who was one of Mr. Moon’s missionaries to the U.S. in the early 60’s. I lived in the same house with her from August of 1969 ‘til January of 1972. To her credit “Miss Kim”, as we called her, is the only interpreter of Moon’s pastiche theology who has been able to write a book about it that makes any pretence of honoring the conventions of grammar, and logic. The theology for those who study it closely and for those interested in the chronology of Korean messianism is largely derived from the teachings of Bak Te Seon .

It was Miss Kim who first told me about Mr. Moon’s journeys in the spirit world. It was in the summer of 1970 shortly before I was to head off to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and finally Korea , I drove her down to Monticello from Washington. There in Thomas Jefferson’s gardens she talked to me about great Men who had had mistresses, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower. She said, these great men, these world movers cannot be held to the same standards of morality as the common man. She knew that the messiah that I was following had been “a pure virgin ‘til he was 40 years old”. This is what she had taught us in America. At that time the general American members were not spiritually strong enough to withstand the real truth that he had been married at least three times. Miss Kim was trying to prepare me for what I might discover on my Asian trip, that “the pure virgin ‘til he was 40” was just a little “heavenly deception” to tide me over until my commitment to “father and the movement” had transcended the narrow limits of my notions of honesty and integrity. A month later in Japan I was introduced at dinner to Sejun , Mr. Moon’s son by his first wife. In 1970 he was 26 years old.

On this same visit to Monticello I asked Miss Kim about his(Moon’s) grasp of the spirit world. She said “ Well he may have been very open in the early days, but not so much now”. She went on to say that while she was accompanying him on one of his world tours(1965 I think) she had remarked his surprise, while they were in India, to discover that Buddha was not Chinese but Indian. I immediately thought, ‘ well if he is talking to Jesus and Buddha and Mohammed and God all the time, why did he think that Buddha was Chinese? Was Buddha lying to Mr. Moon in the spirit world?

What if the 120 religious leaders who showed up to hear Mr. Moon’s lectures on the “divine principle” were not religious leaders at all but just hungry ghosts out for a laugh?”

Allen Wood