Bad Moon Rising



John Gorenfeld
Free lance Investigative reporter




Allen Tate Wood


John Gorenfeld may well be this generation of journalists Ishmael. He clearly and authoritatively documents the motives, techniques and extent of Moon's unquenchable drive for power.

The story he tells weaves together many of the hidden or overlooked elements of the right wing's abysmal march to dominion over the congress, the executive and the judiciary. He reveals Moon as the pimp, apologist and handmaiden of unbridled executive power.

The compelling leit-motif to this gigantic
tour de force is the seemingly endless ranks of politicians, bureaucrats, ministers, priests, rabbis, celebrities and

Ex- presidents who have somehow
wound up dancing along with Moon as he heards us all toward the cliff. Hats off to John Gorenfeld!!! Bravo!!!


March 20th ,2008